Thursday, December 11, 2014

Art Show Invite

My grade 9/10 photo and film class is having an exhibit curated by my year 1 IB VA students. Will post images next week.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

HS Block Reduction Printmaking

When I was at an IB workshop earlier this year, the presenter stated that "building skills" is the new fad. Here I thought it never went out of fashion. In the spirit of developing skills and taking risks, we embarked on a block reduction printmaking project. The minimum amount of colors to be used was four. Below is the process and results. 

Ana was the most ambitious artist clocking in 7 colors.
Clara made her image based on a series of sketches about the rainy season and the street near her house.
Saki ventured using 2 different blocks.
Yema's print is based off sketches of her grandmother.
Clara's final print
Linda's final print
Yema's experimental print.
Yema's final print

Saki's final print
Ana's final print
Max's final print

Sunday, November 30, 2014

HS Oil Painting Self-Portarits

In the spirit of building skills. My IB Year 1 Visual Art students started the year learning oil painting techniques. Not a single student had prior experience using oils. As I told the class at the beginning of the project, "this won't be your best oil painting, but it will be your most important one." Below are the results.

The example I made in class. Shameless self-promotion.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HS Photography (Semester 1) Student Blogs

Below you will find your name and the names of your classmates, please click on the name and it will take you to their photography blog.

You should have the following assignments posted:
1. Portraits-2 B&W, 1 Sepia, 1 Color. Full Front, Angle, Partial, Close-up
2. Stop Action-2 photos
3. Macro-2 photos
4. Blur-2 photos
5. Texture-6 photos
6. 1 Photograph 6 Filters-6 photos
7. Mask-2 photos
8. Objects-2 photos
9. Diptych-2 related photos
10. Sequence-minimum 4 photos
11. Richard Avedon quote (e-mail me your responses) click here for link
12. Photography Appreciation (e-mail me your responses) click here for link
13. Presentation on a Photographer (in class)
14. Upload information and photographs of your Photographer.
15. Commercial Photography-1 photo
16. Final (send me proposal)

You can also visit the MS/HS Photography Page by clicking here.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Linocut Shoe Prints Middle School Art

This was a fun project. From life drawing to printmaking. Observation, line, and texture. Didn't realize how many of my students wear Chucks.

Pencil Self-Portrait Middle School

I pitted one grade 6 class against a grade 7/8 class. I wanted to see if I taught both classes the project the same way if there would be any notable differences in the drawings. I was curious if the 1-2 gap would be evident in the fine motor skills. I have to admit, the results of both classes were outstanding.

Here are my findings based on my experiment. When I started teaching Art at the middle school level 19 years ago, this was a typical project for a grade 6 class at my school district. It was part of the curriculum and the students in the district had mandated art at the elementary level.

When I taught middle school again 7 years later at one of the "best" districts San Diego, I carried over the curriculum to grade six, and noted the skills, vocabulary, how to manage space were lacking and disproportionate. For most students, grade 6 was their first real art class. The learning gap was wide and varied. I learned that first year, there were no art specialist at the elementary level. Sadly, when I left, the principal made the shortsighted decision to discontinue art. I was disappointed.  

I'm happy to be back in an environment where art is valued at all age levels, the elementary art specialist do a stellar job preparing our students for middle school art, and my teammate and I prepare our students for high school and beyond.

Middle School Tempera Self-Portratits

There portraits are from my middle school class last year, quarter 4. One of the frustrating aspects of being a Middle School Art Teacher teaching exploratory/wheel classes is cycling through a new batch of kids every 9 weeks. Just when you start to get into a groove with class, they move on.

With this project, I wanted the students to play with black outlines, blend colors but make the image appear flat. When we took photographs, the topic was funny expressions.